Top Instagram Updates in March 2019

In this month’s Instagram update, we’re going to provide you with sneak peeks at most of the upcoming features we’re waiting on, including an Insta-checkout and new, great tools for influencer campaigns.

Intrigued yet? Let’s dive in.

New Native Insta-Checkout
Instagram’s Shopping posts have already been a huge asset to businesses, permitting them to tag products within their pictures, which will then send users to the product’s page in your website to purchase.

Now, they’ve taken this an action further, having a leaf out of Pinterest’s book, and have released an indigenous checkout feature.

Users can actually checkout from Instagram without ever leaving the app to a net browser. 

This will be a huge advantage; the easier it’s for customers to get, the more likely they’re to do so.

And since users inherently trust Instagram significantly more than businesses they’re not incredibly familiar with, this will help to produce people prone to purchase who may have been wary otherwise.

This feature is just in beta testing and offered to a few retailers, but Instagram historically has progressed from these tests to a more widespread launch very quickly. More brands will probably be seeing this very, very soon.

New Title Option for Instagram Live
Are you currently using Instagram lives to keep your audience engaged and establish real-time interaction together with your followers insta viewer ? If that’s the case, you should have to keep an eye out for the new title option.

Instagram happens to be testing a new feature that may allow users to incorporate titles with their live videos.

These titles are an invaluable asset. Users getting into your live, in the end, are otherwise typically left a little lost and confused when they first arrive; unlike other live platforms, you will find no descriptions or titles. Having a name will tell people what the broadcast is approximately, bringing them up to date a great deal faster.

At this time, this feature is just in testing, and we don’t have more info about a greater rollout just yet, but we’ll keep an eye out and inform you when it’s here. In the event that you eventually notice it appear, take advantage of it to increase your live engagement and viewer retention.

Expansion to Influencer Campaigns
There are reports that Instagram is working hard to enhance their campaign choices for influencers and the brands they assist, and there’s now news from AdAge that Instagram is taking care of developing “Branded content ads.”

These ads allows brands to sponsor posts which are produced by celebrities and partnerships, then promoting them as they’d their very own posts or ads. It’s essentially an extension of their current branded content tagging system, which works together with the “Paid Partnership” tags.

That is partially as a result of Instagram’s work to really make the platform more authentic and transparent, while also more friendly to businesses. If brands can take advantage of transparent influencer marketing and promote it further, that’s only a good thing.

We don’t have news about when this new feature will emerge, but because it absolutely was announced at a conference and not spotted “natively” or by code hackers, there’s a good chance we won’t have that one for a time still.


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